His boat

My friend
Sometimes when I start writing with the intention of making a rhyme, after the first line I very seldom know where the writing will bring me. But of course, it starts with some kind of inspiration. And the pictures of you and your boat indeed gave me a wonderful touch of that. 
You and I love boats. I have entered her into water 2 weeks ago. Many boat owners in my region (south east Norway) have our boats on land during wintertime. But in fact more boats are on sea during all year nowadays as there is more seldom ice in the sea during winters compared to years ago.   

And there she is laying, I polish and examine her and give her gentle touches here and there, strokes my hand along the waterline to remove any doubt she might have of having power and relaxing potential. I give her what is her need and demand, and in return we have fun, wonderful days, the feeling of safety - love - for life. 

There is an experienced man and his ship 
find that indeed she is both nice and hip  
they are touring at sea 
and no better can be  
she comforts him with ...


There are a couple of last line options, perhaps you can find your version - from your dreams. 
Laying there, waiting for me
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The value of my thought

What value does my thought have
having the size of a small pollen
a pollen of thought
which I keep to myself
hides in the flower’s folded petals

I had the biggest thought
the most valuable solution
which was still worthless as long as I left the crown of the flower closed

But as I, the egoist, opened up
shared with you
a new device is created
a seed of opportunity
with an unknown force
which made man grow

I was not human
if I kept my mind to myself

Then I was my own tyrant

But when I shared with you
the gate of opportunity was opened

and we reaped our first grains
I showed the buty in a line
which was common side with triangle and square
I yelled as the bathtub flooded
and e is forever equal to mc exalted in the second

I shared everything with you

What value would my thought have
if I kept it to myself
as if it was my own

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The gramophone

When I was a little boy we had a gramophone
and of course plates
where one was about Amandus' puppeteer who accidentally drove a truck down the stairs
and created immense fear in little Peter
who loved Amandus above all on earth
while Doffen on the other side of the record asked
What do we use the liver for, uncle?
which turned out to be a difficult question

even for uncle
who would like to provide Peter with some background material
and therefore explained that the Liver is important
in the same way as the heart
which pumps blood around the body
and the lungs are important
we breathe with our lungs

while the boy rejected all nonsense and repeated the question
The liver, uncle. What do we use the liver for

without affecting uncle who maintained that the Heart is important
We need the heart
It works for us every second
knocks and strikes
tells us about joy and pain
fear and love

That's what makes us live, boy
Fear and love

I will argue that to the last
As true as I am alive 
I live 
I am a liver 
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Hold me

Hold me, she whispered
to me

My ex-girlfriend is over there
I want to make him jealous
she whispered tenderly into my ear

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Dreaming of you


You must not be disappointed that I do not dream of you anymore

I stopped dreaming of you

when she touched me – with her soft voice

tied me – with her arms

silenced me – with her kiss

opened my eyes – and I realised that my dream had come true

on that day – and for ever


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Glowing in order to be seen

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . – I I I I I – . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I like to receive life-giving light and warmth
enlighten me to glow
as if it is something I deserve 
a reward for my unlikely presence

I can hike over mountains and down valleys
in forefathers step where twig and thorn are cleared away
where forefathers’ tired feet shaped the path
enlighten me to glow in the splendor of work done by others 
as if I do not quite want to understand
that my path showed the way long before I came

It is easiest when someone prepare for anyone to finish 
I can just put on my shoes and go
perhaps I reach out a hand to someone who needs support
I am enlightened and glowing at the thought of my pleasant gesture
while my companion, my shadow
reminds me of all the times I passed by

I try not to glow that often anymore
but when I do, it’s a reflex of an old habit
and quickly I lie down
as if to minimize 
hide the inevitable shadow
that will always be a part of me

. . . . . . . . . . . . . – I I I I I – . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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I’m fine
You haven’t seen me in a while?
You know I’m trapped
shut down
excluded from society
I’m fine
because I have you
who now and then thinks of me

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Sun bathing

Sunbathing in clear weather
enjoys the feeling of well-being

Sunbathing in words
enjoys the feeling of greatness


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The trees speak

The trees speak
to each other 
to us

You hear it when the buds burst
when the branches stretch
gently strokes
snuggles together 
bends to softly touch mother earth

You hear it when they sigh at dusk
wipes in the dark
wakes up at sunsrise 

The trees speak
but if you want to hear you have to listen
to understand you have to believe in the unspeakable
................................ 17.2.2021 PS ......

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I like Leonhard
he sang about hearts
What happens to the heart, he asked

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It can be hard or soft
cold or hot

it can melt
two can become one

yet they are two

in front of the fireplace
sees the flame
his flame
his heart is burning 

        17-1-2021 PerryS
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