His boat

My friend
Sometimes when I start writing with the intention of making a rhyme, after the first line I very seldom know where the writing will bring me. But of course, it starts with some kind of inspiration. And the pictures of you and your boat indeed gave me a wonderful touch of that. 
You and I love boats. I have entered her into water 2 weeks ago. Many boat owners in my region (south east Norway) have our boats on land during wintertime. But in fact more boats are on sea during all year nowadays as there is more seldom ice in the sea during winters compared to years ago.   

And there she is laying, I polish and examine her and give her gentle touches here and there, strokes my hand along the waterline to remove any doubt she might have of having power and relaxing potential. I give her what is her need and demand, and in return we have fun, wonderful days, the feeling of safety - love - for life. 

There is an experienced man and his ship 
find that indeed she is both nice and hip  
they are touring at sea 
and no better can be  
she comforts him with ...


There are a couple of last line options, perhaps you can find your version - from your dreams. 
Laying there, waiting for me

About Perry Saevik

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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