The value of my thought

What value does my thought have
having the size of a small pollen
a pollen of thought
which I keep to myself
hides in the flower’s folded petals

I had the biggest thought
the most valuable solution
which was still worthless as long as I left the crown of the flower closed

But as I, the egoist, opened up
shared with you
a new device is created
a seed of opportunity
with an unknown force
which made man grow

I was not human
if I kept my mind to myself

Then I was my own tyrant

But when I shared with you
the gate of opportunity was opened

and we reaped our first grains
I showed the buty in a line
which was common side with triangle and square
I yelled as the bathtub flooded
and e is forever equal to mc exalted in the second

I shared everything with you

What value would my thought have
if I kept it to myself
as if it was my own

About Perry Saevik

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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