The gramophone

When I was a little boy we had a gramophone
and of course plates
where one was about Amandus' puppeteer who accidentally drove a truck down the stairs
and created immense fear in little Peter
who loved Amandus above all on earth
while Doffen on the other side of the record asked
What do we use the liver for, uncle?
which turned out to be a difficult question

even for uncle
who would like to provide Peter with some background material
and therefore explained that the Liver is important
in the same way as the heart
which pumps blood around the body
and the lungs are important
we breathe with our lungs

while the boy rejected all nonsense and repeated the question
The liver, uncle. What do we use the liver for

without affecting uncle who maintained that the Heart is important
We need the heart
It works for us every second
knocks and strikes
tells us about joy and pain
fear and love

That's what makes us live, boy
Fear and love

I will argue that to the last
As true as I am alive 
I live 
I am a liver 

About Perry Saevik

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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