Camera in the mountains

I looked through some pictures from the last half of September

and was just turned off by the camera’s amazing automatics

which in such a convincing way has taken care of the peace of the moment

from the closest ground in front of the photographer 

on tour in the mountain

to the far away mountains fading into blueness 

where the blue-gray infinity of space rises and rises

thus I understand that the photographer had to raise his head

bend it far back for in wonder to fix the gaze on the zenith

the imaginary point there far out 

which in turn fixes the gaze on the photographer

standing there enjoying the red, withered colors of autumn

reminiscent of what was

the perishable

while the totally still, shiny water reflects the just mentioned blueish infinity 

the incorruptible

occasionally hidden behind clouds

but here shown in the almost perfect revelation

What a gift to have such a camera

About PyS

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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