You’re mine – You’re not mine.

A few years ago I attended an outdoor event in Torrevieja. On the brick wall near where I was sitting, I saw part of a mural that I was fascinated by. As I see it, it was a great painting, though I didn’t see the whole picture that night.

When I returned a couple of years later, it turned out that the area was fenced off, but fortunately I found a way to get a picture. Below I show both the complete painting and the details of the center that got my attention that time.

The painting was made on a wall outside the Alzheimer’s center, and with that “in the back of my mind” I made some considerations what could be a meaning with this peace of art.

We see two faces, one on each outer edge of the painting, and one can sense lived life. At the back of the heads we look into them, and you find proper clutter inside. The inside of the head is chaos, and one sees strands that extend out and back and give good feelings in touch with one who is near. I think there is still thought ability in there, maybe such as

I love you – I need you to love me. 

Named by Perry: Alzheimer - disaster
Alzheimer – Disaster
I don't want to lose you
I love you – Don’t let me lose you

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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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